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Eliminate Bacteria, Viruses, Termites and other pests with Heat

No-Tent Heat Treatments are a great solution for termites and bed bugs. It is both easier and more cost effective than typical tent fumigation.

Other advantages of No-Tent heat treatments include that they are:

  • Safer for People & Pets
  • Safer for Household Goods
  • Safer for the Environment

No-Tent Termite Treatments Eliminate:

  • Insects and Eggs
  • Microbes (including viruses and bacteria)
  • Odors

These treatments also freshen air and reduce allergens.


There’s no need to replace your furniture when a No-Tent heat treatment will eliminate not only living bed bugs but also their eggs, preventing additional bed bug infestation. Our professional pest control team will assess your situation and recommend the most effective combination of treatments to ensure elimination of all your pest problems.

Heat is most effective on structures with drywood termite infestations and works in a similar manner to fumigants to kill every type of termite and their eggs.

  • Independently proven to be 100% effective
  • Convection heat is ovicidal, kills unhatched eggs
  • Penetrates deep into cracks and furnishings, baseboards, wall voids, carpets, etc.

No-Tent heat treatments effectively eliminate insects by raising interior and exterior wall temperatures to lethal levels for wood destroying pests like termites. Contact our team of professionals to learn more.









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