Bed Bug Treatments

Natural ways to keep family and pets bed bug free

Bed Bug Home Remedies

Bed Bugs On Body

Bed Bugs are tiny and live in many areas in and around your bed. But can they live on you too? Find out more about the risk of bed bugs on the body.

Bed Bug Home Remedies

There are many commercial products available for eliminating bed bugs, many containing harmful chemicals you shouldn't be sleeping in. Find out about the more natural ways of removing bed bugs.

Bed Bugs on Pets

Bed bug bites on our beloved pets is a serious threat to their health and wellbeing. Conventional flea treatmenents won't do the job, find out what can.

What you need to know

Bed bugs feed on human blood, and that’s a disturbing thought. Their bites can irritate your skin, causing itchiness, redness, rashes, and blisters. However they affect you physically, their presence also carries a psychological burden – knowing these bugs are leaching your blood each night, combined with daily visible anomalies on your skin, can have a major effect on mental health. So it’s critical to eliminate bed bugs quickly. But once you’ve identified you have them, how do you get rid of bed bugs permanently?

What Are Some Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

When using natural remedies for bed bugs, you’ll find there isn’t a “one solution fits all” practice. But the combination of several should do the job.

Vacuum – vacuum everywhere in and around the bed, in cracks and crevices, furniture, bags, shoes, seams – anywhere bed bugs could hide. This won’t remove all the bed bugs, but reducing their numbers will help. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag contents thoroughly every time after use.

Steam – bed bugs hate heat. If you can access a steam cleaner, apply it to the same areas you would vacuum, but be careful not to use around power sockets. Also, be careful when applying to steam to laminated furniture, as this can damage the laminate.

Bed Covers – buy a box spring encasement or ensemble cover to trap the bed bugs inside the bed base. The zippers are especially designed to be impenetrable to bed bugs. And purchase a bed bug proof mattress protector. Even once you’ve eliminated your bed bug problem, having these two items will ensure they never come back.

Essential Oils – research is inconclusive about the efficacy of essential oil use, but it is still commonly recommended, suggesting there is some truth behind advocating essential oils. There are differing recommendations across a variety of oils, but by far, the most consistently recommended is lavender oil. Using this as a homemade bed bug spray should help repel bed bugs, but not necessary kill them. This makes it a natural preventative measure, but only a contributing tool in ridding a bed bug infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth – this wonderful and difficult to pronounce dust is a collection of fossilized remains of small aquatic animals. It is harmless to humans, but when in contact with bed bugs, causes abrasions and cuts, thereby killing the pest. Diatomaceous Earth works by spreading the dust around edges, crevices, and cracks where bed bugs are likely to hide.

Can Bed Bugs Live on Dogs and Cats?

Much like humans, the heat from our pet’s body is too much for a bed bug to live on. And bed bugs much prefer human hosts, as animal fur is difficult for them to navigate, and human blood is better suited to their nutritional needs. Bed bugs would rather hitch a ride on our pets to get closer to us than to use pets as hosts. But when options are limited, a bed bug will resort to feeding from a dog or cat. If your pet is being consistently bitten by bed bugs, they will be itching and scratching a lot. The same with humans, make sure to clean the area around the pet’s area, wash the dog’s bed in hot water if possible, and use a silica gel litter for your cat – this will have a similar effect to Diatomaceous Earth.

How Quickly Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

There’s a lot of work involved with ridding yourself of bed bugs. The amount of time this takes will depend on how thorough you are, how many there are, and the method(s) you choose to purge them. The most effective way to eliminate bed bugs quickly is to hire a professional bug removalist. However, they will need to visit you on two occasions to perform this, and that can be costly. Furthermore, if you’re committed to removing bed bugs organically, professional treatments may not align with your needs.

More about bed bugs

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair?

One of the biggest concerns about bed bugs are symptoms of bed bugs in hair, or if there can be bed bug eggs in hair. This extends to questions concerning where do bed bugs hide on your body, and can bed bugs get in your private parts. The short answer is no. Bed bugs don’t like heat. So whilst they might feed from us, they don’t like being on us. This is why they tend to live in places nearby, such as mattresses, shoes, backpacks, and luggage. It means they can stay close to the food source without experiencing heat.

What Do We Know About Bed Bugs?

The first thing you need to know is that bed bugs are not easy to get rid of. There are several reasons for this; they’re small and easy to overlook – you need to be very thorough, they breed fast (their population can double in 16 days), they can survive for months without food, and they’ve become resistant to many pesticides.


Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs and Treatment

Bed Bugs On Body

Bed Bugs Keep Well Hidden

Bed bugs tend to hide in crevices and cracks in and around a bed, and within a mattress. They hide during the day and come out at night. Their bites are not painful, and often by the time you start experiencing itchiness and other skin problems, your bed bug population has been expanding rapidly and you have an infestation. Bed bugs will shed their skin, so over time, you may start to notice bed bug casings and small blood stains on your bedding, and even bed bug poop.


 Bed Bug Home Remedies

Prevention is the Best Treatment

Once you experience bed bugs once, you’ll be dedicated to preventing their return. A bed bug mattress cover and box spring cover will do that for you. But that will only limit their ability to feed on you. They can still live up to several months without food and migrate to pets or other personal items such as backpacks, clothing, and shoes, where they will hitchhike to someone else. But by combining other home remedies for bed bugs, such as lavender oil and other homemade essential oil sprays, and occasionally sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth around cracks and crevices, will ensure a bed bug free home for your family and pet

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