Building beds for kids

Oct 16, 2021

Volunteer Keith Engel prepares to burn the Sleep in Heavenly Peace logo, SHP, into a section of bed frame. Volunteers from the Macomb Rotary Clubs and the Macomb Lions Club joined SHP volunteers Thursday with a goal of building 20 beds for children in the region who need them. The newly-formed LaHarpe SHP chapter, which serves Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, McDonough counties and part of Knox County, has so far filled six bed requests and has another six waiting.

MACOMB — Volunteers from the Macomb Rotary Clubs, the Macomb Lions Club, and the newly-formed Sleep in Heavenly Peace LaHarpe Chapter were busy at work Thursday constructing bed frames for children without a bed of their own to sleep in.

Their goal: to construct 20 wooden-frame beds which will be given to children in need of them. The Macomb Rotary and Macomb Lions Clubs sponsored the bed build and supplied volunteers. Macomb Rotary Club President Tom Stites was among those organizing. “The need is there,” he said. “…We just couldn’t believe the need was here, but it is.”

The effort also cemented the local SHP hopefuls as a chapter of the larger organization, which requires 10 beds be built to achieve chapter status.

More than a dozen olunteers cut and sanded lumber, assembled and drilled pieces into different bed sections, branded the head and foot boards with the SHP logo with an “H” resembling a bunk bed, and finally used a vinegar wash to provide a natural-looking stain and help protect against bed bugs, among other uses.

Volunteers sand the edges and ends of freshly-cut boards.

Origins of the project

Local resident Mike Moore said he’d first heard about the Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization last year while listening to a radio program about the charity. It prompted him to bring the topic of children without beds up during a church fellowship meeting, because he wondered if local children also face this problem.

Some of his fellow church goers were surprised to learn they do when a third-grade teacher from West Prairie Elementary said one of their students had no bed to sleep on.

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