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Prevention is the Best Treatment

Once you experience bed bugs once, you’ll be dedicated to preventing their return. A bed bug mattress cover and box spring cover will do that for you. But that will only limit their ability to feed on you. They can still live up to several months without food and migrate to pets or other personal items such as backpacks, clothing, and shoes, where they will hitchhike to someone else. But by combining other home remedies for bed bugs, such as lavender oil and other homemade essential oil sprays, and occasionally sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth around cracks and crevices, will ensure a bed bug free home for your family and pets.

Bed Bugs are tiny and live in many areas in and around your bed.

Bed bug bites on our beloved pets is a serious threat to their health and wellbeing. 

Find out about the more natural ways of removing bed bugs.

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