Police blotter: Unwanted guest; Sunday burglary; painted walls; curfew violation; imaginery bed bugs | Local

When officers arrived, they found Gribble and took him into custody for misdemeanor trespass.

Sunday burglary

Officers were on the scene at 10 a.m. Sunday in the area of Schley and Wynne on a report of a burglary in process.

Upon their arrival, officers were told that someone had entered the residence through the backdoor and that the owners were not at home. While attempting to enter the residence, a call came in that a woman was reportedly being chased by a man with a gun. Two of the officers stayed to investigate the ongoing burglary, while the other responded to the second call.

Turns out that call was allegedly placed by Nicole Lee Hannawalt, 33, of Butte, who with the help of Christopher Lee Rasmussen, 37, of Butte lured one officer away from the burglary scene.

Meanwhile, the two officers located Jacob Warren Elkins, 29, of Butte inside the residence with stolen items in his possession. Another witness informed officers that a female was with the male earlier in a Volkswagen. Officers located the car and placed both Hannawalt and Rasmussen into custody during a traffic stop.

Elkins was jailed for felony burglary and felony obstruction of a police officer, as well as an MHP warrant, along with two misdemeanor contempt warrants out of Butte City Court.

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