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Bed bug issue forces Leavenworth VA COVID-19 clinic to move outdoors

Bed bugs forced a last-minute change of venue Friday for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Leavenworth VA.The Department of Veterans Affairs said that someone showed up to the clinic with bed bugs. All scheduled shots were given but the clinic had to move outdoors.Officials said everything is being sanitized. Saturday’s clinic will now be held at the main VA campus on South Fourth Street. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bed bugs forced a last-minute change of venue Friday for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Leavenworth VA. […]

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Exterminating Bed Bugs

Exterminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny little creature that sucks blood off their human prey. Often dismissed as a nuisance, bed bugs are now a serious problem both at home, in the offices and luxury establishments. Why the infestation? There are two reasons for the increase in the number of bed bugs found in homes and other establishments recently. One of them is the increase in the number travelers and immigrants who stay in motels and unknowingly bring these insects along with them back home. The second reason is […]

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How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Clothes

How to get bed bugs out of clothes

Bed bugs have been exterminated from the US soil sometime in 1940’s and the 1950’s. The use of DDT has been successful in eradicating these pests. However, international traveling and immigration have brought back to the US the exterminated, blood sucking pests. And establishments that are said to be the bed bugs exchange centers are: One, buses, two, trains, three, cabs, four, airplanes, and five, hotel rooms, six, motels and breakfast-inns. Don’t you notice that the places where you can see bed bugs from and out of […]

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Chemical Free Bed Bug Management

Non Chemical Bed Bug Removal

Clutter Removal Highly cluttered homes and bedrooms provide bed bugs with numerous places to hide, and makes treating the home with insecticides almost impossible. Therefore, reducing clutter will greatly improve your chances of eliminating bed bugs. Before having your home treated for bedbugs, place piles of clothes that are laying on the floor into sealed bags for laundering. Remove all items from under the bed, but do not put anything on top of the bed or move items into another room (potentially spreading the infestation). Go through […]

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Habits of the Bed Bug

Bed Bug Habits

As someone that is looking to get rid of bed bugs, it is important to understand just what these creatures like to do. The habits of bed bugs may amaze you even though you really do not like them. The bed bug is not a creature any of us really want to get to know, but understanding more about them will help you to get rid of them. Eating The bed bug likes to eat at night. He is a nocturnal blood feeder. He likes to find […]

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