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New business helping veterans | News

Marsha Wallis got the dreadful news that a bed bug was found by her husband’s home health nurse while changing the bed sheets. Willis said her first thought was, “Oh my God. Lord, what are we going to do now?” Her husband, Storm Wallis, served in the United States Navy in 1966-67. Storm was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in February. “Since he was a veteran, we go to the VA for his health care and hospitalization and everything,” she said. Marsha said the Veterans Affairs […]

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5Ws+1H: How It’s Done: Vigilence best defense against bed bugs | News

The last thing anyone wants to share a bed with is creepy crawlers – or even slow-moving pests like bed bugs. Summer is the peak time for bed bugs, as they tend to favor warmer temperatures. It’s also a time when people are traveling more, making them susceptible to the hitchhiking pests. They’re very difficult to get rid of, making it essential for travelers to check their lodgings before they stay the night. When Heather Winn, Cherokee County OSU Cooperative Extension Service educator, goes to a hotel, […]

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